Combo Packs



                                                                                 NOT AVAILBLE


Smoked Salmon / Fresh Frozen Fillet Combo Pack

Half Honey Smoked Salmon, half fresh frozen fillets, this combo pack is perfect as a gift or for your own freezer! The best of both worlds with our amazing honey smoked Silver Salmon and beautiful fresh frozen raw fillets.


Smoked Salmon / Take & Bake Combo Pack

Are you or someone you know always on the go? This combo pack is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. Half Honey Smoked Salmon, a very tasty ready to eat snack or meal topper, half Take & Bake, a ready to cook fillet, lightly smoked with applewood, this combo pack is all the taste with none of the fuss!


Smoked Salmon / Take & Bake / Fresh Fillet Combo Pack

Can't choose? How about a mix of all three of our fantastic products! 5 lbs of each to satisfy your taste buds!


Please call for local pickup orders or to create a custom combo pack! 907-892-5479

All orders are guaranteed to arrive in pristine condition!

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